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Finally, a way to get more clients that leans into your passion and conviction for HELPING people instead of trying convince them!

Josh Coats, failed rock star turned 7 Figure Life Coach, teaches you his proven Questions That Convert system that will take you from hating "sales" to having a simple and easy system that feels more like coaching and less like selling. 

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Money Back Guarantee!!

The 3 Day Sales Challenge Will Walk You Step-By-Step Through...

How To Create The Perfect Messaging to Attract and Convert More of the RIGHT People So You Can Finally Hit Your Financial Goals AND Make a Difference in the World

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The

3-Day Sales Challenge!

Day 1:

The #1 Thing Keeping Your Ideal Client From Purchasing

Did you know that there is one specific thing holding back every single person you are talking to from paying you money??

They might say they can’t afford it, don’t have the time, or that it’s a bad season in their life rn, but really there is one singular thing underneath all of that.

If you don’t know how to uncover and FIX this one thing for others, sales will always be a convincing game.

  • What is holding them back! How to understand your ideal client and what makes them tick

  • Why your messaging might be making it worse (and how we can fix it...)

  • How to shift their beliefs and behaviors! So that people are finally motivated to buy and take action!

Day 2:

The Messaging Hack That Makes it ALL Click

Most people are getting messaging all wrong.

Too many people think their job is to argue for their product/ program and try to convince people to give it a try.

What happens when you argue with people?? They argue back.

Learn this messaging hack that gets others leaning in, wanting to talk to you, and ultimately choosing to do business with you because they trust you. This is service over sales, but it works sooo much better than traditional sales.

  • Sales Psychology Knowing exactly what messaging gets their attention

  • Customer Research Made Easy (and why it's so much easier than most people make it...)

  • My Personal Examples See exactly how I have turned this into my best posts, emails, pages, etc.

Day 3:

Turning it All Into A Duplicatable Machine

Run Your Business Instead of Your Business Running You

When you put together the right pieces, you have a well oiled machine that does the heavy lifting for you!!

You are no longer guessing, hoping, and praying that things work out. You have a duplicatable system that delivers consistent results and takes the stress out of growing your business!!

  • All the ways you can grow your reach! When you get this right you can build your business in so many new ways

  • Choosing the right platform and system for you Find the perfect way to build your business

  • MASSIVE GROWTH No more growing a little at a time, learn how to grow it all WITHOUT working all day and night

What Are You Waiting For?!

This is the best time ever to grow your online business and create the life you and your family deserve!

Money Back Guarantee!!

If this doesn’t completely change the way you look at sales and make it feel more like SERVING and less like selling, I’ll give you a full refund!!

Just show me notes from any of the 3 calls so I know you are an action taker!!!

I’m here to help ANYONE who is willing to do the work! So as long as you watched and took notes, I’ll give you a FULL refund if it didn’t actually help you to transform the way you do sales!

Ready To Create A Thriving Business In Just 3 Days?

What You Can Expect From The 3 Day Sales Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • Chasing people all over the internet

  • ​Questioning if you and your business are even “good enough”

  • ​Feeling stuck in life and career

  • ​Having the drive, but don’t know where to start...

After The Challenge

  • Finally attracting the RIGHT people

  • ​Feel confident you are making the right moves

  • ​Have a step-by-step action plan

  • ​Gain the drive and motivation to build the business of your dreams!

But That’s Not All!

The Same Reason
We Stay After The Credits In A Marvel Film, You’ll Want To Stick Around After The Challenge Because...

FREE Bonuses!

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Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The...

3 Day Sales Challenge

  • THREE jam-packed days of learning how to attract, connect with, and CONVERT your most ideal clients!

  • Access to our private 3 Day Sales Challenge FB Group, where you can share wins, ask questions, collect more insight and “money breakthroughs,” and get inspired!

  • Money Back Guarantee! If this doesn't completely change the way you look at sales and make it feel more like SERVING and less like selling, I'll give you a full refund.

  • Workbooks for the trainings so you can easily take notes and review what you learn


  • Free Digital Download of my Life Coach in a Book, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book: The Best Version of YOU. BONUS!

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